A Clear Bra Auto Paint Protection Film Installations is a Great Investment

A Clear Bra Auto Paint Protection Film Installations is a Great Investment

How does one keep their brand new car looking as if it just rolled off the lot?

A brand new car means a brand new car protection. Going over all the protections to make sure your car is protected is stressful, but let’s go over one that can be blissful. Knowing what can help keep your vehicle in the same condition you bought, is very perceptive and a clear bra is just another preventative maintenance item to help do that. 

A clear bra is an effective semi-permanent film that acts as a defense and is available to help minimize the effects of scratches and chipping of the paint. The urethane film resists corrosion and acidic pollutants, providing a barrier against chemical staining and etching from bird droppings, bug splatter, mineral deposits, and UV rays. When exposed to the sun, it does not oxidize. It also offers high impact resistance that helps create a barrier protecting the paint from gravel, branches, and other debris. There are no disadvantages when you buy a high-quality film, have it fitted by a trustworthy shop, and properly care for your protected vehicle, the possibility of defects like yellowing, blistering, or peeling is virtually eliminated.

The clear bra is no easy installation and is thought out, prepped, and measured to make it look flawless.

First, the vehicle must be cleansed and checked for imperfections with soap and water to help guide the hand to find them. Finding defects is essential to ensure that it fits perfectly. Then, it is wiped with some alcohol solution and a lint-free cloth; the wrap is then measured, cut, and peeled for installation. The sticky side of the wrap and paint is sprayed with a slip solution to help act as a slip agent to prevent the wrap from immediately sticking, giving it time to pull, stretch, and move the bra to the exact spot before laying it down for good. Sometimes, bras and paint are sprayed with a thick protective film gel to help them dry faster than using a slip solution, thereby reducing the time for the material to move. The materials used to help apply the bra are applied on the outside of the bra to help prevent the squidgy from making marks. After this, it’s coated with a sealant agent created of water and alcohol to remove the slip agent. This agent is to help it dry and stick down, especially if the installer is ready to have the bra stick to a contour area such as edges or hard curves that need to be pulled out. 

Finally, if it needs to be custom cut or tucked it will be to make it look flawless. Now, keep in mind that, while Paint Protection Film is effective and has various advantages, it is not a panacea for keeping gleaming auto-mobiles gleaming. Nothing will make your car invincible. A clear bra can be punctured by rocks; while bird droppings and bug splatter can harm the film if they are allowed to sit on it for an extended time. You will still need to wash your auto-mobile after applying Paint Protection Film. There is no one-stop-shop for immaculate, never-fade shine. The paint protection film does not promise this. Rather, Paint Protection Film guarantees that when the forces of nature attack the depth and purity of your auto car’s paint after application, the paint will fight back. You will maximize the worth of your car by safeguarding it from damage that would otherwise be unavoidable. Paint Protection Film, as we previously said, keeps your car looking better for longer.

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