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What Does Auto Detailing Include

Let’s face it, it feels way better to drive a shiny car than a dirty one. Detailing your car is not only satisfying but saves you money in the long run, and reduces the risk of accidents. Professional detailing has to do with the cleaning and restoration of a vehicle to bring it back to a like-new condition. More than just a car wash, auto detailing is meticulous and work-intensive. This work is done by an experienced detailer’s hands, using high-quality products and specific techniques.

Car detailing includes interior and exterior cleaning. Some of the interior car cleaning services are vacuuming, scrubbing and brushing, glass cleaning, steam cleaning, leather trimming, and perfuming. Exterior cleaning consists of exterior wash and dry, sealing or waxing, polishing, and paint claying. A&G 360 Auto Spa offers all of the services mentioned above, as well as paint correction, ceramic coating, and wheel repair.

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Each auto detailing professional has their own specific techniques, but for the most part, the standard practices are:


Vacuuming: A professional detailer will vacuum every aspect of the interior of the car, such as seats, mats and carpets, the headliner, the rear cargo area, and the trunk.

Scrubbing & Brushing: To remove any stains or blemishes, the detailer will scrub and brush the area, and to be extremely efficient they’ll use a steam-cleaner.

Glass Cleaning: Clean glass is vital to the safety of the passengers of the car, so detailers will use a great quality glass cleaner to clean the glass.

Leather Trimming: For any leather parts of the car, a detailer will use a leather cleaner and soap to take care of the leather.

Re-Vacuuming & Wiping: It is crucial for the detailer to go back in to vacuum and wipe down the interior of the vehicle once they have finished everything else, just to be sure the car is as spotless as possible.

Perfuming: Typically a detailer will spray a deodorant in the car to present the car not only looking fresh and clean but also smelling like it too.


Wash & Dry: Rather than your average car wash, the first step in a good exterior detail is to spray te car with a specialized spray that is high-powered. The detailer will then thoroughly hand wash the windshield and all other glass surfaces, door jambs, the rims of the car, and all other exterior parts that need cleaning.

Sealing or Waxing: Although in some cases wax is used, typically sealant is applied to the exterior of the vehicle to give it a glossy shine.

Polishing: As cars get older they tend to lose its shine or polish, so a detailer will polish your car to bring back the original shine.

Paint Claying: To remove any imperfections or residue, a special clay bar is used. The use of a clay bar will give the car a cleaner and smoother look, and will increase the potency of the wax and polish.

Ceramic Coating: It is much easier to maintain the cleanliness of the outside of your car once you’ve had a ceramic coating done. The ceramic coating increases the hardness of your paint, and enhances gloss and shine while adding depth to the color. Read more:

At A&G 360 Auto Spa, we are the car detailing experts. We are proud to provide you with services that are aimed at making sure your vehicles always look even better than new! For more information on detailing, and what may be best for your vehicle, please give us a call at 727-641-5404.